1 Pair of Faba Care Svorto Heel Padded Leather Latex And Heel Cushion for Relief and Pain Relief Shoe Insoles Inserts Heel


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The faba Care Svorto pads constructed from super soft foam latex and real leather achieves the optimum pressure relief and shock absorption in the heel, knee, hip and spine. Unpleasant pressure by suspending the heel in space and the heel is effectively minimises and therefore, pain optimally reduced and prevented. The perforation of the heel wedge provides for the best possible air circulation and absorption of sweat, so protect your heel bed from burns and irritations The heel, tongue & side. The top coating made from genuine lamb’s leather provides excellent hygienic characteristics and a high wearing comfort at the highest skin compatibility. On the underside of the heel insert is located a self-adhesive area with their support for insoles perfect can be fixed to the best fits your place in the shoe without having these with every step stays in place. This heel cushion can also be used to balance Length differences in legs when this is is only on one side will have a Full marking such as this (0.5 cm) - 2 Heel Pads with leather coating for perfect relief and optimum support to the heel
, Shock absorption in the heel, knee, hip and spine - High Running and wearing comfort and perfect fit in your shoes thanks to peel and stick backing - Perforations provide excellent air circulation and high moisture absorption
Box Contents: 2 Svorto latex leather heel cushion - (1 x Left, 1 Right)

  • Svorto latex heel pad with leather surface to protect heel Sporns and support to the heel
  • High level of shock absorption for relief and protection of your heel, knee, ankle joints, the hip and spine
  • Perforation in the heel pillow for optimum air circulation and an extremely high absorption of sweat
  • Can be used to compensate for different long legs (0.5 cm)
  • High and comfort during movement thanks to the self-adhesive gel surface on the underside of the heel cushion cover from slipping as not