1kg Gopro Whey Banana


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WHY TAKE GOPRO WHEY PROTEIN. (If you train or just getting started, this is the protein for you) GoproteinTM GOPRO WHEY is a fantastic everyday protein when working out. It has 20g of pure quality protein per scoop and less than a quarter teaspoon of sugar in it. Start by taking a scoop 60-90 min before your workout and take another scoop within 30 min after you finish. You can also take a 20g protein scoop in the morning and last thing at night to keep up your protein intake. If you train you need extra proteins. GoproteinTM GOPRO WHEY is formulated to help you build and maintain lean muscle. It increases your performance and speeds up recovery after training. GoproteinTM GOPRO WHEY if combined with weight and high resistance training helps you to build and maintain muscle mass. Our GoproteinTM GOPRO WHEY- World Class Sports Nutrition flavoured range is a ”Top Quality” whey protein complex with very high protein levels and a very low sugar content. At GoproteinTM we are committed to supplying only the very best supplements to athletes and we continue to invest in research and development to bring you the most advanced and proven formulations to the market today. As someone who trains, you know that recovery and nutrition are the foundations of building a lean muscular physique. You have to put back in what intense training takes out of your body. You cant exercise your way out of poor nutrition In our Goprotein Research Laboratory we have found that a high protein diet aids muscle growth and the maintenance of muscle mass. To get the very best out of your workout, you need to optimise the protein levels in your body.

  • High quality whey protein matrix,
  • With added l-glutamine, taurine, BCAA’s
  • Lean muscle builder, strength, recovery
  • Maximising Muscle & Strength.
  • Very low sugar content