Acai INTENSE 30000 mg – value pack with 360 capsules for 4 month supply – highly dosed 25:1 extract – backed by Amazon Guarantee


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GLORYFEEL – MAKES YOU FEEL BETTER The new product by Gloryfeel – Acai Intense consists of 30000 mg of the Acai Berry per daily dosage. There is no supplier which offers a higher daily dose. Just 3 pills per day are necessary to supply the daily needs. Therefore, this pack lasts longer than a month, 40 days to be exact. The reason for that is a technological innovative extraction process which makes a 25:1 concentration possible. This is the only 25:1 extract on Amazon! Our competitors use a 20:1 extract or even just a 10:1. In the USA the Acai Berry Diet is very popular. Many US-Stars reportedly swear on the “Brazilian Wonder-Berry”. Also in Europe the Acai effect became increasingly popular. Acai Intense is commonly taken simultaneous with Colon Cleansing. Please also consider the other products by Gloryfeel: – Colon Cleansing with 100 or 300 capsules in a Multipack including a free month of Colon Cleansing, – B12 highly dosed, 120 pills – Creatine Monohydrate 650g, – OPC grape seed extract with 120 or 360 capsules and – L-Arginine 4500 with Bioperine and Vitamin B12 Trust in Acai Intense 30000, because at Gloryfeel we bring the good feel Click on the yellow trolley sign in the right upper corner and secure yourself this quality product now!

  • Concentrate of 30000 mg original Acai berry. Due to our innovative 25:1 extracting method, 30000 mg of the organic brazilian berry equals 1200 mg in 3 capsules or 400 mg per capsule
  • This economy package with 360 capsules can supply you for 4 months
  • Gloryfeel´s Acai Intense is tested and manufactured in Germany under highest quality standards and ranked as premium quality. We offer a 365-day satisfaction guarantee
  • The perfect food supplement also for vegetarians and vegans, as the powder is filled in vegan cellulose capsules
  • The Acai berries are 100% natural and produced without genetic engineering, artificial fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides