Alive! Men’s 50+ 30 Once A Day Tablets (4 x Packs)


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Complete Multi-vitamins Specially Formulated For Men 50+. High in Vitamins B6, B12 & Vitamin C with Copper for normal Immunity and Energy release. Plus dried blend of Fruits & Vegetables, Green Tea Extract, Flax Lignan and Lycopene Energy – Vitamins B2 & B12 assist in energy-yielding metabolism. Immunity – Vitamin C and Zinc support normal function of the immune system. Cognition – Iodine assists in normal cognitive function Joints – Vitamin C helps support cartilage function. Heart – Vitamin B1 contributes to normal function of the heart. FREE FROM GLUTEN, SOYA, DAIRY, YEAST, ARTIFICIAL COLOURS AND FLAVOURINGS.

  • 30 Once A Day Tablets
  • Complete Multi-Vitamins
  • Specially Formulated for Men 50+
  • Immunity, Cognition, Joints, Heart
  • Gluten Free