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If you ve noticed how an apple turns brown when it s cut or how iron rusts when exposed to the elements, you ve seen the effects of oxidation. Oxidation causes similar damage to the cells of the body. Free-radicals are unstable molecules that trigger chain reactions that eat away at the cells of the body and damage the genetic material they contain. Countless free-radical chain reactions take place in the body each day. In addition, emotional stress, ultraviolet light, air pollution, and cigarette smoke also generate free-radicals that can put your health at risk. Fortunately, nature provides antioxidants- factors which have been shown to be helpful in minimizing the effects of free-radicals. The most important antioxidants include: Certain vitamins, carotenoids, L-glutathione, and L-cysteine Components found in plants, such as ginkgo biloba, bilberry, and green tea, as well as the minerals zinc and selenium While fruits and vegetables provide a ready source of natural antioxidants in the diet, additional supplementation may be desirable to help achieve optimal intake. Recent research suggests that the family of carotenoids including alpha-carotene, lutein, lycopene and zeaxanthin has antioxidant and protective benefits greater than beta-carotene alone. Solgar s carotenoid formulas contain a blend of active nutrients and complementary precursors, beta-carotene or a carotenoid mix, which provide a wholesome alternative to the more commonly used synthetic beta-carotene. Astaxanthin is one of the most veratile natural antioxidants, active in all parts of the body. Highly potent in its own right, it may also maximize the body’s use of carotenoids and vitamins A and E. Astaxanthin may also enhance the skin’s natural protection.* Solgar’s Astaxanthin Complex Softgels are free of corn, yeast, wheat, soy and dairy products and are formulated without the use of preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. To assure freshness and potency, store at room temperature 15 -30 C (5

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