BACK SUPPORT SACRO LUMBAR BRACE, Antibacterial, Size = X.LARGE , (FREE Delivery Worldwide)


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This 5 way unique advanced lightweight
“Nano Flextra” TM fabric system is :-
• Elasticated
• Antibacterial
• Odour-Free
• Breathable & Fast Drying
• Woven Filament For Comfort.
* Superior lower back support brace which is of a wrap around design and features double adjustable elasticated side pulls and four rear low profile comfort stays for increased posture control and support. The center back measures 23cm (9 ins) in width. Elasticated breathable woven back and side panels provide excellent support which help to compress the lumbar region whilst giving good flexibility with multi adjustable compression from the centre of the lower back.
The contoured design is shaped to fit most backs together with the secondary multi adjustable side pulls allows the user to provide as much or as little compression to the lower back as desired. Superior design allows infinite user adjustment.
Provides stability for the lower back and Sacro Iliac joint and helps relieves symptoms of lower back pain, such as Sciatica, a herniated disc and posture related back ache and pain.
Sacro Lumbar Lower Back Support Features :
Aids good compressive posture control.
Provides good user adjustable compression.
Advanced Multi Function Fabric System.
Breathable elasticated fabric.
Designed for all activities.
Easy wrap design.
Provides relief for ailments and injuries commonly associated with:
• Postural Back Aches & Pains
• Symptoms of Sacro Iliac joint Dysfunction
• Lumbago (defined as mild to severe pain in the lower back)
• Strains & Sprains
• Arthritic conditions
The material used is also Antibacterial and Odour Free. *** All sizes from stock , see size chart :- ** For measuring to your particular size, measure waist circumference. **
Medium- 28″ – 32″, 71 – 81cm.
- Large 32″ – 36″, 81 – 91cm.
- X-Large 36″ – 42″, 91 – 107cm.
****** Colour as shown : BEIGE.

  • SACRO LUMBER SUPPORT, A Superior Lower Back Support
  • The Advanced 5 way Multi-Function, Elasticated Breathable Fabric System is ergonomically designed providing a superior Lower Back Support containing “Nano Flextra” TM Woven Fabric with Double Multi-Adjustable Compression Straps.
  • Designed for maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use.
  • Low profile, designed to be worn under or over light fitting clothing for everyday use. The Fully Supportive Sacro-Lumbar Support with Multi Adjustable Compression Straps fastens easily at the front for a totally supported lower back.