bigman Super Carnitine 3000 Lemon 20 Vials


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Super Carnitine 3000, is an improved formulation of BigMan’s L-Carnitine, this time, the formula is even more powerful and has been enriched with Vitamin C because of its effectiveness on fat burning and increasing energy. L-carnitine is the amino acid synthesized in the liver, kidneys and brain from two essential amino acids, lysine and methionine, which facilitates the use of lipids and the regulation of metabolism of fatty components, speeding natural process of fat burning, regularizing energy activity and using fat storage to produce the energy needed for daily activities. L-carnitine also prevents muscle tissue loss and stimulates the secretion of growth hormone (HGH), keeping the reserves of glucose and muscle glycogen, thus fighting muscle tissue fatigue. Super Carnitine 3000 has been designed with a more powerful liquid form of L-carnitine with Chromium and vitamin C, which ensures a faster and effective absorption, resulting in accelerated transport of fat for energy utilization.

  • Contributes to weight loss
  • Promotes energy production
  • Prevents loss of lean muscle tissue
  • Stimulates the secretion of growth hormone
  • Helps fighting muscle fatigue