Bio-Synergy Performance Nitric Oxide NO2 Pump Muscle Fuel capsules – Tub of 125


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Bio-Synergy NO2 Pump has been hailed as the latest cutting-edge amino acid formula, a powerful blend that maximises your tough strength workouts. NO2 Pump has been specifically developed as a high-strength formula containing Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate to deliver optimum results. AAKG is a nonessential amino acid that’s necessary when it comes to making nitric oxide in the liver.Some people take alpha-ketoglutarate to improve peak athletic performance because it helps the liver break down by-products of muscle exercise such as ammonia. Athletes believe AAKG supplements help them exercise longer with less pain and stiffness, and build up more lean body mass. Casual customers and hardened athletes alike have reported immediate results. By unleashing the full potential of your muscles, NO2 Pump enables you to work harder and longer to build up stronger and more lasting lean muscle. The amino acids in NO2 Pump also increase nitric oxide production in blood vessels, increasing their diameter. This increases blood flow without raising blood pressure. When blood vessels dilate, more blood reaches the muscles and tissues and provides a larger amount of carbohydrates, proteins and various muscle-building hormones. Anyone can use NO2 Pump as part of their training plan to improve their performance. Use NO2 Pump in conjunction with a weight training regime and it will help you achieve your goal to increase muscle pump more effectively than anything else you have tried.

  • Pure capsules of AAKG
  • AAKG improves performance and recovery
  • Removes waste products from the bloodstream
  • Dilates blood vessels for more power and stamina
  • Proven results backed by research