Bitter Orange Complex – 60 Tablets


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Bitter Orange, also known as citrus aurantium, is good product for suppressing appetite and providing the body with natural energy. It is also a good thermogenic, which means its ever so slightly raises the body temperature which speeds up the metabolism, so the food you eat you burn off quicker, rather than storing the extra calories as fat. Bitter Orange is a good source of fibre so helps maintain a healthy digestive system, which can help with weight loss. Other ingredients in this Neulife complex include Ginseng and Guarana, both of which are great sources of natural energy and give your body an increase in energy which can help with stamina for weight loss. Kola Nut and Bladderwrack are great diuretics. Diuretics help increase the flow and extraction of fluid out for the body, which can help if you suffer from water retention, as excess water can make your body weigh heavy. Capsicum, also known as Chilli Pepper and Spirulina can help both help suppress appetite and speed up the metabolism.

  • Aids weight loss
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Good source of natural energy for the body