Cassanovum 825 mg Plus Fertility Supplement contains Cassava Root Extract/Folic Acid and Unique Herbal Blend – 30 Capsules


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Full of GENUINE Cassava Root mother nature properties to boost fertility. 100% Natural ingredients. Contains natural hormone Phytoestrogen which controls the female menstrual cycle and can trigger hyper-ovulation where more than one ovum is prepared and released in readiness for fertilisation during a single monthly cycle. Normally only one is released. Unique Market Leading mix with Folic Acid to prepare your body for pregnancy. Contains multiple vitamins that include, amongst others, C, B-6, Folate, Thiamin and Niacin. Contains multiple minerals that include, amongst others, Potassium, Phosphorous and Magnesium. Hermetically sealed to protect against environmental contamination (until opened). Manufacturer Tested to guarantee ISO9001:2000 MHRA International Standards. Fortified with Folic Acid to help develop your Baby. Easy swallow capsules. Professionally manufactured with state-of-the-art clinical production methods. The manufacturer is US FDA and US EPA registered.

  • A 100 percent natural cassava root fertility supplement
  • Will support overall fertility and will prepare for healthy pregnancy
  • Unique Herbal Blend to increase chances of conceiving
  • Help stimulate and stabilise the reproductive hormones involved in ovulation
  • Prepares for a healthy pregnancy