Combo Mat Large + Mouse Mat Small, socket UK


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Daily stress creates oxidation throughout the body and on your 100 trillion cells and unbalances normal daily rhythms. Earthing counters these. What Earthing helps with: Reconnection with the natural diurnal rhythm. Daytime use support adrenals and balances the associated cortisol cycle. Evening use balances melatonin, which helps facilitate good sleep. Good, uninterrupted sleep supports regeneration and vitality. Connection with the earth’s natural electron resource. Electrons are a major factor as an anti oxidant, helping address free radicals. Free radicals create damage to cellular function and are part of the aging (internal and external) process. This damage can be seen in stiffness, aches, pain and inflammation. The mats are designed to provide the earth’s support during the day – the more we earth the better. In the evening whilst relaxing- it may help preparation for sleep. Earthing and EMF radiation The electrical EMF field from household cabling and certain appliances can create a SKIN body voltage of up to 5 volts AC. The induced EMF drains to earth via the mat to the earth. The other fields, magnetic and RF (mobile and DECT home phones, wireless) have more health impact. Earthing does not protect against these and specific measures are needed (SaferWave). Earthing has been touted as EMF radiation protection. It is not. It is probably a good compensation. Placed under a computer or around a phone it will have no shielding effect. Earthing devices are designed to connect to the body and offer the benefit to human physiology. EMF creates stress reaction which is equivalent to micro inflammation at cell level. As a partial balance to computer use best is as a foot mat and secondary as a mouse mat. EMF has an effect at cell energy level and earthing is a partial compensation.

  • IMPORTANT- This item has a connection for UK- it is NOT for Europe as the connection is different. For Europe please order the EU- Europe version
  • A combination of large and mouse mats for flexible use. Includes 2 x 15ft (4.6m) cables and 2 x UK connections (each accepts 2 cables)
  • The earthing mouse mat is mouse friendly textured one side, flat other side. Can be used as a mouse mat, under a foot or under the hand on the arm of a chair. The large mat 66×31 cm can be used under the feet (optionally with grounding socks) or under the keyboard with the extra as a mouse mat. Both sides are textured and mouse friendly.
  • Mains socket connection is to earth line only using a specific adapter. This method enables use in various rooms
  • Other connections and 2 into 1 splitters are available under Earthing Connectors; longer and extension cables under Earthing Cables