Designs for Health – Silvercillin Gel – 4 oz [Health and Beauty]


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24 ppm Silver Ingredients: 24 ppm ASAP Solution (purified water, silver), triethanolamine (TEA) and carbomer. Recommended Use: Apply generously to skin as needed. Notice: This is a natural product that may exhibit color and density variations from lot to lot. A COSMETIC FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY. NOT INTENDED FOR ORAL USE. Here are all the ingredients in this product. Not what you are looking for? Click here. Click on any ingredient below to get a complete selection of all products containing that ingredient.Active Ingredients:Silver Inactive Ingredients:Purified Water Not what you are looking for? Click here. Dietary Considerations:Not available Delivery Formats:Gel (topical) Intended Users:Not specified

  • Silvercillin uses Silver Sol Technology, the term “sol” being a designation of a mineral permanently distributed into the structure of waterThe silver becomes a part of that water molecule permanently so it will not fall out of solution or suspensionSilvercillin is an incredibly highly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, with zero build-up in the body, so it does not cause argyria