EZGO LED Facial Mask 7+1 Red, Facial Mask for Anti Aging, Anti Acne, Evens Skin Tones, Reduce Redness, Revitalization, Smoothing, Cell Rejuvenation, Skin Booster, Light Technology Patented Contoured Light Facial Mask, CE Available


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How to use

Selectable modes are chosen via the controller. Simply push the mode button to cycle through the modes, for desired treatment.

Use the EZGO facial mask straps, and feed them through the inlet holes located at the sides of the mask, making sure the Velcro can be stuck to the back of the straps.

Adjust straps so that the EZGO facial mask is secured to the facial area, and stick the Velcro to the material on the straps to fasten in place.

You are now experience a full facial rejuvenation experience. Keep the mask on for a total of up to 20 minutes, and then remove.

Step 1:

Prepare the skin before treatment Before using the EZGO facial mask, thoroughly cleanse your skin; remove makeup or cosmetics that may contain reflective materials.

Step 2:

After fully preparing the skin, you are now ready for an EZGO treatment. Put on the EZGO facial mask with the light diodes shinning onto the skin; adjust the straps to secure EZGO facial mask to the facial area, sticking the Velcro tabs onto the straps, to hold the desired position. Once in the desired position wear the EZGO facial mask for 20 minutes, removing the mask once the 20 minute treatment time has been completed.


Cosmetics can be used during or after an EZGO treatment, for the best possible results.

Cosmetics: Recommended use of our special EZGO activated cosmetics will enhance results. The EZGO facial mask can boost your favorite cosmetics effectiveness too. Any cosmetics containing chemical, acidic or reflective components may effect light output and provide a decreased or in-effective treatment.

  • EZGO 7+1 Red is designed to treat 7 imperfections of the skin, with added infrared light technology, boosting and amplifying anti aging treatments.
  • The EZGO facial mask has no confusing controls or settings, it is easy to use, clean and store, making it the perfect for at home or on the go as a travel companion.
  • The EZGO facial mask is wonderfully designed to cover the entire facial area in rejuvenating light, with a patented design that provides an EZGO facial experience like never before.
  • The EZGO facial mask is easy to use, simply plug into a mains or power bank power supply and immerse yourself in a full rejuvenating light experience
  • The EZGO facial mask is splash water resistant, making it a great choice to be used with cosmetics, allowing you to use your favourite cosmetics and EZGO at the same time.