FEBICO Naturland/ USDA Certifed Organic Spirulina Tablets (1KG set X 500mg X 4packs) Green Superfood/ Boost Energy/ Enriched Vitamin Complex B/ Vegetable B12/ Wholefood Multivitamin/ Contains High Protein, Chlorophyll, Spirulina Growth Factor


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FEBICO’s Unique Method of Producing Spirulina: Organic spirulina are grown in natural salt lakes, and due to the uncontrolled natural conditions of the salt lakes, many different species of algae also may also develop and contaminate, making the spirulina cultivated from natural lakes dangerous for consumption. FEBICO produces high quality organic spirulina by utilizing the latest biotechnology. FEBICO’s spirulina is cultivated using pure mountain spring water from Mt. Da-Wu, which enables the spirulina to absorb all the nutrients and minerals from the spring water, and transforming them naturally into organic minerals. •Main Ingredient: Organic Spirulina (Bio Spirulina) •Recommended for: Infants above 3 years old/ Pregnant women / Vegetarians/ People who wish to consume more vegetables or nutrients. •Recommended Dosage: 6 tablets (3g), at once or separately and take organic Spirulina (Bio Spirulina) before meal/ Half dosage for children below 12 years old. •Patents and Certifications: Naturland Organic Spirulina Certification No. 100241/ USDA-NOP Organic Certification/ Symbol of National Quality Award by Taiwan. •Attention: 1. Please take it separately from Chitosan. 2. Gout patients and limited-protein-intake patients please advise doctors before taking.

  • Free Shipping Worldwide, 250g, 500mg*500 Tab/pack x 4 Packs in one set
  • Spirulina is a highly nutritious, all natural blue-green algae and a rich source of vitamins, β-carotene, minerals, chlorophyll, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and protein.
  • The Best Supplement Source of Vitamin B12/ Organic Spirulina contains rich amounts of vitamins, amongst all the beneficial vitamins, β-carotene and vitamin B complex are significantly higher. Β-carotene transforms into vitamin A when it enters our bodies, it has the ability to effectively provide vision care, maintain health skin and mucosal.
  • 100% vegetable whole food/ Balance Immunity/ Boost Energy.
  • Naturland® Certified Organic since 2002, USDA-NOP organic certified, Taiwan Certified Organic.