GNC Soy Protein – Unflavored 350ml(s)


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Product Description:GNC Natural Brand Soy Protein is a delicious way to incorporate the healthful benefits of soy into your diet. This superior soy protein features Solae® brand non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) isolated soy protein. Solae protein is made from soybeans that are produced while being closely monitored and controlled from planting through processing. Soy’s nutritional composition offers many health benefits. It includes isoflavones that may provide support in maintaining bone density and a healthy cardiovascular system. These isoflavones also act as mild estrogens. In addition to these isoflavones, soy supplies phytic acid, which may provide antioxidant support. Each serving combines these important, naturally occurring isoflavones with 13 grammes of soy protein. The FDA has determined that diets low in saturated fat and cholesterol, including 25 grammes of soy protein a day, may reduce the risk of heart disease. GNC Natural Brand Soy Protein features an exceptionally high-quality soy protein that is processed with water, rather than harsh alcohol. By using water, the integrity of soy’s naturally occurring isoflavones are preserved. Why Do Dieters Use It.* Some dieters say that soy protein provides a source of low-fat, cholesterol-free protein. What Do the Advocates Say.* Protein is necessary for rebuilding tissue, which is especially important for bodybuilders. All types of protein provide the body with amino acids. From an athletic point of view, soy is just another type of protein. Choosing soy protein over other types of protein adds variety to the protein choices available. However, because soy lowers cholesterol, it is an excellent choice for those also trying to lower their cholesterol levels. Soy is a common ingredient in many meal replacements that are designed to provide a large amount of nutrients in a minimal amount of calories.