HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS + 10,000mcg of BIOTIN. 60 Premium Supplements of 27 Active ingredients, with BIOTIN, specifically blended to give you THICKER HAIR, STRONGER NAILS and RADIANT SKIN.100% GUARANTEE! By SUPPLEMENTSYOU


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• THIS SUPER FORMULATED supplement is your first step for getting fuller hair, stronger nails and healthier looking skin.

• HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS is packed specifically chosen Vitamins and Minerals. Our formula also has added Biotin so you can achieve maximum results.

• EASY TO SWALLOW capsules to be taken with water.

• OUR SUPER FORMULATED products are manufactured in licensed and regulated premises to GMP standards

• A PROPRIETARY BLEND of 27 active ingredients which all work in harmony, giving you the best results.

• THE HIGH CONTENT of Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that can give you a healthy immune system and offers numerous other health benefits.

  • RAPID HAIR GROWTH – Many people experience hair loss due to stress, hormone imbalance or medical treatments. With our complex formula it shown to reduce hair loss and restore hair and beard growth, especially effective for women suffering hair loss.
  • REVIVE NAILS – Your fingernails and nail beds are a key indicator of your health. Dry, brittle flaky nails are a warning sign that your body lacks critical minerals and nutrients. With our complex formula and massive dose of BIOTIN in every capsule it will give your nails a healthy shine.
  • RESTORE YOUR SKIN – You’ll notice your skin may have a more vibrant, youthful glowing appearance after just a few weeks of using this supplement. With restored elasticity from the collagen, silica and OptiMSM® we include
  • A RICH PROPRIETARY BLEND of Vitamins and Minerals with a huge serving of 10,000mcg of Biotin, which works in harmony for the benefit of your Hair, Nails and Skin. See your hair take on a new found shine, your nails become healthier and your skin gain a more vibrant, fresher look!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our BIOTIN Hair and Nail growth supplement has been manufactured in GMP licensed facilities. We are so confident that You will Have longer Stronger Hair & Nails that we off a 100% NO QUIBBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE