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3 x 60 Capsules, Brand New/Sealed (1 x 60 Fruit Blend, 1 x 60 Vegetable Blend, 1 x 60 Vineyard Blend). 1 month supply (2 of each per day in the morning) Expiry Date: Feb 2015 Juice Plus is the most clinically and independently researched health supplement in the world by impartial leading universities around the world (20 Independent studies over a 16 year period) have concluded the following findings: 1)Helps protect DNA and generate cell reproduction which can slow down degenerative diseases like Alzheimers. 2) It supports cardiovascular wellness by producing a chemical in the body called homcysteine which has been proven to reduce oxidized cholestrol in smokers. 3) It reduces oxidative stress in the body which can lead to premature ageing, heart disease, cancer and stroke. 4) It delivers key antioxidants that are absorbed by the body into the bloodstream which help your body absorb macronutrients like protein. A must for both athletes and body builders 5) It supports a healthy immune system, especially important during the wet months of winter 6) It reduces both acute and systemic inflammation (pain, heat, redness and swelling) often observed in obesity and smoking. 7) It promotes healthy skin, because it ensures the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to skin tissue, giving it a healthy glow. 8) Promotes gum health. Studies have proved it to reduce the depth of gum pockets (cell regeneration), decreased gum bleeding and plaque acculilation and helps protect the tooth root and underlying bone from destruction. 9) The product detoxes the body, allowing your liver and kidneys to function properly in riding the body of unwanted fat *All at the price of a cup of coffee per day!* xx A free Juice Plus Diet Plan will be emailed with this order valued at £4.99. It includes a 90 day meal planner, detox plan and Exercise Plan xx

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