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Award Winning Testosterone Boosters

Norateen® Heavyweight II is an extremely potent, natural testosterone booster, expertly designed by the R&D team of scientists to deliver optimal doses of active ingredients, proven to simulate a rise in new muscle building hormones, specifically testosterone.

The original Norateen Heavyweight natural test booster was banned in the UK due to its sheer strength! This Norateen Heavyweight II t-booster formula is very similar to the original and has been tested and voted as the most powerful available on the market by several magazines including Men’s Health and MuscleMag.
Natural Test Booster Creating Anabolic Muscle Building Environment

LA Muscle have packed 7 active ingredients into the flagship Norateen Heavyweight II supplement, creating the ideal anabolic environment for increasing testosterone hormone levels which enables the body to build new and stronger muscle tissue.

Norateen Extreme is a very powerful muscle builder which triggers the most fertile muscle building environment for bodybuilders wanting to get very big, strong and muscular without resorting to dangerous drugs. Norateen Extreme is 100% natural and is backed by LA Muscle’s R&D and scientific team, guaranteeing you the most extreme gains without any side effects. Norateen Extreme increases Testosterone and Growth Hormone way over and above normal levels.Norateen Extreme is an extremely potent Testosterone and Growth Hormone supplement designed for body builders.

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