Maca Root Powder Capsules – Improve Fertility in men and Women – Combat Effects of Menopause – Boost Energy and Sexual Health – Maca 10:1 – 500mg – 180 Tablets – Food Supplement


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What is Maca Root?

The Maca Root originates from the Andes Mountains in Peru. This humble vegetable, grown at 13000 to 15000 feet, is said to be behind the legendary strength and endurance of the Inca people. To this day, the locals use it because of its amazing health benefits.

Maca is an adaptogen that strengthens the body

In order for a herb to be classified as an adaptogen it must be non-toxic and harmless to any organ of the body and must be able to be ingested for long periods of time safely. Maca is classified as an adaptogen and helps strengthen the body to better resist disease and any stress related health problems. Maca root is also proven to improve liver health and to increase cartilage production which prevents joint issues.

Supports hormonal balance and improves fertility

Maca root will increase libido in both men and women, without increasing levels of testosterone or oestrogen. It improves sperm count, sperm motility and increased conception rates without altering sex hormone levels. Maca root also increases fertility in women with improved fetal growth and reduced risk of miscarriage.

Supports prostate health and reduces menopausal symptoms

The high levels of glucosinolates in Maca improves prostate health and using Maca may reduce the size of the prostate.Women using Maca during menopause have found that it reduces the symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes, mood swings, anxiety, night sweats and sleep disruptions.

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  • Increased libido in men and women, improving sexual function and desire and satisfaction.
  • Increases fertility in men by improving libido, sperm quality, sperm volume and sperm motility. Due to its high levels of glucosinolates Maca is beneficial for prostate health and may reduce prostate size.
  • Studies prove that women taking Maca Root supplement enjoyed a reduction in many of the most common menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats and sleep disruptions.
  • Maca is used for improved general well-being to increase energy levels, stamina and mental clarity, decreased anxiety and stress, balanced iron levels and a lowered blood pressure.
  • Improves hormonal balance by affecting key hormones and supporting the thyroid and adrenal glands, without containing hormones itself. In women, Maca may help balance the estrogen to progesterone ratio, which is essential to achieving a healthy pregnancy.