Mass Up, Chocolate – 3500 grams by Activlab M


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Mass Up is a product recommended during any muscle mass building period. It contains the highest quality whey protein concentrate, optimum composition of simple and composite carbohydrates, creatine and taurine. Creatine enhances physical efficiency during any “short- burst”, consecutively performed, extra intensive physical exercise regimens. Taurine assists in creatine transport to the muscles, consequently promoting their enhanced efficiency, and accelerates muscle regeneration after physical effort. Mass Up is recommended for professional sportsmen pursuing any activities demanding intensive physical effort. It can be also consumed as a dietary supplement during any recreational pursuits or amateur training.

  • 393 kcal in 100 g of the product!
  • Provides maximum amount of nutrients required to gain muscle mass,
  • Creatine and Taurine support muscle cell growth,
  • Best option for people with a fast metabolism.