max color vegetal tinta per capelli tricologica 01 nero naturale 140 ml


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MaxColor Vegetal HUE TRICHOLOGICAL Indications: also suitable for the most sensitive scalps, delicate and easily irritable. Features and Properties: hypoallergenic formula, completely free of para-phenylenediamine in all lenuances. The plant complex anti-irritant stimu-TEX® AS, based extract semid’Orzo combined with selected fractions of Argan oil and butter diKaritè ensures maximum skin tolerance with un’azionelenitiva and highly moisturizing, limiting reactions hypersensitivity. The extract of Moringa oleifera defends air pollution epossiede photo-protective action against UV rays, ensuring a long term contract in effect on the intensity of the color; its synergistic conl’estratto holistic Litchi chinensis gives nourishment and volume aicapelli. Without ammonia, resorcinol, Ortho-aminophenol, Alfa-naphthol. Nickel tested. Nuances available: 00 enhancer lightening; 01 Natural black; 02 natural dark brown; 03 natural brown; 04 light brown natural; 05 Light brown ash; 06 dark blonde natural; 07 ash blond; 08 natural blonde; 09 light blonde natural ash; 10 light blond natural; 11 blond extra clear natural; 12 Light brown golden; 13 dark blond golden; 14 golden blonde; 15 light blond fishing; 16 golden blond chiarissomo; 17 auburn; 18 dark blond copper; 19 Auburn; 20 blond coppery red; 21 blond coppery rust; 22 mahogany bark; 23 dark chocolate; 24 brown mocha; 25 brown tobacco; 26 chestnut brown; 27 blond mocha; 28 blond cinnamon; 29 red pomegranate. Format: 140 ml.