Natural Stacks Biocreatine – Optimal Creatine Complex With Fenugreek Extract And Pink Himalayan Salt For Maximum Absorption – German Micronized Creatine – No Bloating – Adds Neuroprotection – Increased Lean Muscle Mass – 120 Capsules


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Enjoy improved physical and mental performance with biocreatine. This is the most effective creatine formulation on the market. Our biocreatine will bring you the following benefits: – increased lean muscle gain, and easier muscle maintenance – improvements in your strength, endurance and work capacity – boosted mental energy and clarity – rebalanced electrolyte levels and improved sodium balance – greater creatine uptake without the need for additional carbohydrate intake biocreatine is made with only the best natural ingredients. Don’t settle for cheap or generic creatine powders many creatine supplements cause bloating and uncomfortable water retention. Biocreatine by natural stacks is a potent addition to your supplementation routine. Only take if you want to boost your mental and physical performance!

  • Increases lean muscle gains & strength with premium german micronized creatine featuring exceptional purity.
  • Increases mental energy and improves working memory.
  • Maximum absorption with fenugreek seed extract that enhances transport into muscles without having to consume simple carbs.
  • Restores electrolytes and sodium levels with himalayan pink salt (containing more than 84 trace minerals and key electrolytes) for optimal health and hydration.