Nature Explosion-proof Thicken Fitness Ball / Adult Jumping Ball / Children Bouncing Ball / Lolo Ball / Rock N Hopper / Pogo Ball –Send Large Pump (Red)


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1. It does not occupy space , easy to burn fat and calories . Just 10 minutes every day to have a slim healthy body .

2. Excellent product structure in accordance with ergonomic design. It could eliminate friction movement of the knee joint , and more benefit from bones stretching.

3. It has good twist function—-Can firm belly and waist, And shaping good abdomen and waist; It has hip function — Shape Energy firm buttocks, Shaping the perfect curve of hips. Strong legs function .

4. mix several ways to fully mobilize your athletic , while stepping up and down turning left and right to adjust the pelvis, abdominal contraction , optimize your waistand hips curve .

5. multifaceted body twist, from upto down , left to right.

6. This movement use abdominal muscles and bounce up and down vertical movement force , every organ of the body can get exercise, and overall conditioning of human bio-magnetic field , prompting human biological magnetic regroup , to achieve the ideal physiological state.

  • •ball sphere and ball plate are removable, so it doesn’t stand space.
  • • ball plate is made from high-strength wear-resistant plastic , and the ball sphere is made from the highest quality PVC synthetic rubber.
  • • ergonomically design, without any harm.
  • • The main point is: “vigor dance” sphere is a soft landing, not speed up joint calcification
  • • What in package: 1 * large pump 2* Jumping ball