Nature Made Vitamin E 400 I.U. Dl-Alpha 300 Liquid Softgels


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Vitamin E Is An Antioxidant That Fights Damaging Natural Substances Known As Free Radicals. It Is Incorporated Into The Fat-Based Tissues Of The Body, Such As The Heart, Fat-Carrier Molecules Such As Ldl (“Bad” Cholesterol), And Our Cell Membranes, Where It Acts To Stabilize These Structures And Protect Them From Free Radical Attack. Vitamin E Also Protects Our Cells From Compounds Such As Lead, Mercury, And Other Heavy Metals. Vitamin E Is Complimentary To Vitamin C, And It’s Recommended That People Take Them Together. Because Of Vitamin E’s Strong Antioxidant Effects, It’s An Important Part Of An Individual’s Daily Regimen, And Addresses Heart Health, Men’s And Women’s Health, Longevity, Prenatal Care, Memory, And Fitness. People Taking Blood-Thinning Medication Such As Warfarin Should Use Caution When Taking High Doses Of Vitamin E. Vitamin E Intake Should Not Exceed 1,000 I.U. Per Day. K

Supplement. Recommended By Pharmacists. Antioxidant – Helps Maintain A Healthy Heart: Vitamin E Also Helps Boost The Immune System. It Helps Maintain Red Blood Cells And Muscle Tissues Such As Cardiac And Skeletal Muscles. No Artificial Colors.

  • 300 Vitamin E (400 IU) soft gels for overall health and wellness
  • Recommended as part of daily regimen for heart health, general health, longevity, prenatal care, and memory
  • Protects body’s cells from compounds such as lead and mercury; contains 1333% RDA of Vitamin E per soft gel serving
  • Recommended for use in conjunction with Vitamin C
  • Founded in 1971, Northridge, California-based Pharmavite manufactures Nature Made vitamins and Nature’s Resource herbal products and was instrumental in developing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) for supplements