Natures Own Eye Support Vegetable – Pack of 30 Capsules


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Eye Support is a high potency antioxidant formula, containing a comprehensive range of nutrients which are particularly beneficial, supportive of and protective to eye tissue. The formula contains a powerful mix of caretniods and flavoniods.

Vitamin E: Helps to protect the eye from light-damage.

Lutein 10mg per capsule: Studies show that lutein can reduce the risks and effects of age supportive for those with or wanting to protect against Macular Degeneration. Also helps protect the skin from UV light.

Zeaxanthin: A key component of the macular and therefore vital to eye health.

Bilberry: Rich in anthocyanocides that help to maintain the integrity of capillaries and stimulate the production of rhodopsin, a compound essential for night vision.

Grape seed extract: It has a particular affinity for blood vessels. It has the ability to prevent the growth of new blood vessels occurring in the retina as one ages or in people with diabetes.

Recommended Intake:
For those who have Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD), we advise to follow the diet guidelines listed and also to take a good multivitamin and mineral formula on a daily basis.

Suggested Intake: 1 capsule daily, or take as directed by a practitioner.
Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and yeast sensitivities.

  • Eye support comes in an easy to take capsule that is yeast free
  • Eye Support contains Vitamin E is the most powerful antioxidant vitamin in the body
  • Eye Support is rich in lutein a carotenoid found in dark green leafy vegetables like spinach
  • An important antioxidant and filter of blue light lutein can help protect the retina from UV damage
  • Eye support contains a powerful mix of carotenoids and flavonoids