Nature’s Plus, Spiru-Tein, High Protein Energy Meal, Blueberries & Cream, 1.12 lbs (510 g)


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Rich in flavor and nutrition – thats SPIRU-TEIN! One of lifes true pleasures is enjoying a delicious treat you know is good for you in every way. Natures Plus is especially proud of its entire line of SPIRU-TEIN products. With zero fat, SPIRU-TEIN delivers a healthy infusion of plant-based protein, along with other essential nutrients. Nature’s Plus Blueberries & Cream Sritu-Tein Powder features a unique blend of ingredients, including…100% Daily Value of all Vitamins Broad Profile of Essential Minerals Energy Nutrients: High Quality Soy Protein and Bee Pollen Diet Aids: Lecithin, Spirulina, Choline and Inositol Enzymes: Bromelain and Papaya Cleansing: Chlorophyll Fiber: Bran, Cellulose and Apple Pectin

  • 1 lb powder
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Please read all label information on delivery.