Nectar Fuel Black Currant Hydro Tablets


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NECTAR Hydro Tabs create a hypotonic solution containing 5-ion electrolytes to help maintain optimum hydration levels. It is virtually calorie free and has a light refreshing taste that works alongside the other NECTAR products. During exercise, research has shown that being dehydrated by 2% of your body weight or greater can be significantly detrimental to performance (*Armstrong et al. 1985). When you sweat you lose more than just sodium, potassium and magnesium. NECTAR Hydro contains 5-ION electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Chloride and Calcium) to replace what you lose in sweat. NECTAR Hydro’s balanced formulation helps increase the amount of water the body absorbs into the bloodstream – maintaining optimum hydration levels during exercise, whatever the conditions. Refreshing and light in flavour – NECTAR Hydro is designed to taste as your body craves during training, encouraging you to drink fluid and stay properly hydrated. With three flavours to choose from: Orange, Lemon Lime and Summer Fruits, there is a taste to suit everyone. Anti Cramp:  Muscle cramps are often “associated with dehydration, electrolyte deficits and muscle fatigue” (American College of Sports Nutrition.) NECTAR Hydro contains 5-ION electrolytes and can be

  • NECTAR Hydro is the first great tasting sports hydration tablet delivering 5-ion electrolytes. 
  • Hydro creates a hypotonic solution to help maintain optimum hydration levels. 
  • Virtually calorie free, Hydro has a light and refreshing taste, ideal for consumption before, during and after sport or exercise. 
  • Dehydration over 2% can lead to impaired performance, and if it reaches > 5% performance can be reduced by up to 30%. 
  • The body removes heat by sweating to regulate the body’s core temperature. The more you sweat, the more you dehydrate.