Nervous System Support Brain Protex With Huperzine A (60)


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Memory and concentration are terrible things to waste brain-protex with huperzine a , a perfect supplement for longevity and health, is designed to give the brain maximum protection against free radical damage. It is especially helpful for people over age 50 who desire extra support for maximum brain health, nerve function and alertness. Brain-protex contains the celebrated herb ginkgo biloba, which helps support circulation throughout the body and within the brain. Healthy circulation may help promote concentration and memory. Brain-protex rapidly crosses the blood brain barrier, providing powerful brain protection. Huperzine a, an extract from chinese club moss, plays a role in boosting memory. Brain-protex also contains a blend of phosphatidyl serine, choline, ethanolamine and inositol substances proven to help support memory and brain function as well as the powerful antioxidants lycopene and alpha lipoic acid. It also includes rhododendron caucasicum, a potent free radical quencher used for decades in russia by longevity enthusiasts.

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