Oil Against Cellulite Juniperberry (125ml)


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Why does it appear? What are the reasons?
The most frequently mentioned reasons for its appearance are: stress, harmful influence of environment, unfit foods, irregular nutrition, disorders in hormonal balance, insufficient physical activity, affected functions of inner organs and functions, consumption of too much alcohol, coffee, tea, inconvenient clothes, etc. Obviously, cellulite is one of the unwanted ‘gifts’ of modern life.

Is there any solution? How to fight against cellulite?
Fortunately, there are tested methods that can be used as a counter reaction to cellulite or as a means to prevent its appearance. One of them is (self) massage; as cellulite affects easy to approach areas of the body, massage can be done at home at a suitable time and can be a part of every woman’s care for good health and beauty. Massage can restore normal blood and lymph circulation that eases the elimination of extra water and other wastes. It stimulates the destruction of unwanted intercellular fibers. Moreover, the energy of the fingers touches the deepest level of the cells i.e. the energetic level.
To ease massage people from ancient times have used oils. Modern plant oils which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids bring about additional beneficial effect on the skin, subcutaneous tissues, periphery blood and lymphatic systems. On the other hand modern aromatherapy has proved the effect of some essential oils against cellulite. Small concentrations of them dissolved in plant oils, can easily penetrate through the skin to the subcutaneous tissues. Going through the blood and lymphatic systems, essential oils help the cells restore their normal, vital cycle. They can stay to the tissues for several hours thus bringing a beneficial effect to the whole organism. The fascinating fragrance of essential oils gives a way for a special spirit and brings a pleasant aroma spray from nature in our every day’s life.

  • A Great Natural Way to Fight Cellulite on the Buttocks, Hips, Thighs And Tummy!
  • The base oil consists of sesame and grape seed oils. Sesame oil has warming effect while grape seed oil is good for pores and fatty secretion.
  • To this base are dissolved juniperberry, white pine, lemon and lavender essential oils. Juniperberry anti-cellulite massage oil is very good for continuous massaging so that it penetrates completely into the skin and warms it up.
  • This oil has proved its qualities and has successfully been used for several years for individually as well as professionally done massage.
  • The earlier you start the fight against cellulite the better and quicker the results. Factors which cause the appearance of cellulite, may have other very unpleasant for the organism consequences too. Fortunately, most of these can be successfully avoid by us alone. We have to think about what we eat, when and how we eat what things make us angry and anxious, what are our habits, and so on and we will realize that cellulite is only one of the traps we get into by ourselves. Only the wish and care to improve the general state of our organism, at physical and spiritual level, can make our strive for a beautiful body and perfect skin real and achievable!