Organic Barley Grass Powder – 250g (Superfood, Organic Certified)


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Organic Barley grass powder from Indigo Herbs is a premium quality organic supplement. The young shoots of the Barley grass have been harvested,

freeze-dried and powdered to ensure maximum freshness.

Health Benefits:

Barley Grass is a
brilliant all round vitamin and mineral supplement that gives the body a boost of nutrition from natural sources.

High in:
Vitamin C,
Vitamin B2,
Vitamin B3,
Vitmain B6,
Calcium and

Daily serving:

Use from ½ to 4 teaspoons daily. Indigo Herbs suggests a gradual increment of Organic Barley grass Powder daily to negate any symptoms of detoxification. Teaspoon Weight: 1 teaspoon equals 2 grams (1 tsp = 2g).

Quality and Manufacture:

From the pristine pastures of Northern China our Organic Barley grass is produced under stringent organic standards. Reared under warm sunlight, in rich organic

soil and fed water that has been sourced from deep in the earth; these Barley grass plants were harvested carefully by hand at the

tender age of 4-5 months just as they enter the ‘jointing’ phase of their lives. Jointing typically means that the Barley grass starts to

stretch and transform into an adult plant. At this transformative stage the plant will have assimilated a great deal of nutrients and minerals

from the soil to help push it into adulthood. Harvesting at this time guarantees a magnified amount of beneficial compounds in the plant which

are then ready for a rigorous selection process. Only the very best specimens are used to be quick dried and then powdered using a

freezing air crushing method. It takes less than an hour for the Barley grass plants to be cut and then made into powder form

ensuring the most important constituents are preserved in the end product.

  • Fresh young Barley grass shoots – freeze dried and powdered to ensure nutrients remain intact.
  • Barley grass powder can be taken daily as a nutrient rich food supplement.
  • High in: Protein, Fibre, Vitamin C, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitmain B6, Calcium and Iron.
  • Certified Organic by the Organic Food Federation. High quality resealable food pouch for maximum natural freshness. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. Gluten Free.
  • Indigo Herbs products naturally empower optimum health and nutrition.