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Kelp; Iodine Kelp and sea foods are the most reliable natural sources of iodine because certain vegetables which contain iodine also contain substances which interfere with its absorption by the body. Although a normal diet is believed to contribute 150-170μg of iodine daily, the prevalence of iodine deficiency throughout the world leads us to believe that many people are not getting this amount without recourse to supplementation. Kelp tablets are high in iodine and other minerals. The dried kelp used in Body by nature tablets is harvested from the areas around Iceland. To facilitate absorption, a liquid extract of bladder-wrack is added which gives the equivalent of 32mg extra kelp. This liquid extract facilitates rapid absorption by the body, and ensures that the minerals break down correctly. One tablet will provide on average 120% of the RDA for Iodine.

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  • Those who may choose extra iodine: People living in areas where the soil is iodine poor, People eating large amounts of foods that block the absorption or use of iodine by the body, such as cabbages and turnips, Those with an under-active thyroid gland.