Organic Shiitake Mushroom Powder – Superfood Supplement 100g FREE UK Delivery


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About Shiitake Shiitake is native to the deciduous forests of China, Japan and Korea. The brown mushroom can grow up to 25cm in diameter. It has been used in Asia for nearly 6000 years, time-honoured for its robust flavour, meaty texture and health-promoting properties.

Nutritional Information

  • Powerful Antioxidants – High concentrations of unique aminio acid L-ergothioneine.
  • Excellent source of B Vitamins, selenium, pantothenic acid, zinc and copper.
  • Good source of Vitamin D, fibre, iron, folate and manganese.
  • Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the immune boosting properties of the Polysaccharides contained within shiitake.

How to use It’s easy to incorporate shiitake powder into your diet. Mix it in with stir fries, soups, stocks, or stews for extra depth. Sprinkle on poultry, beef, lamb or fish to add a rich, earthy flavour to dishes. Drying concentrates their flavour so less is more in cooking.

  • Shiitake Mushroom Powder – Lentinula edodes. Hua Gu, produce of China.
  • 100% Pure Mushroom – no fillers, no bulking agents, no artificial ingredients, or preservatives.
  • Supplied in a heat-sealed foil pouch for freshness and security.
  • Made from PET/AL/LLDPE to provide high barrier protection against light, moisture and oxygen for extended life.
  • Re-sealable for safe storage.