Original purest Caucasian Natural (10 Grams) Shilajit(Mumiyo , Asphaltum ,Resin) Paste,Ayurveda Medication.


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Advantages • Immune system strengthening • Supports Fertility. • Regenerative and antibacterial. • Anti allergic and immune modulator. • Anti-aging (both mental and physical). • Weight loss • Stress Relief. • Anti-inflammatory. • Enhances bio availability and action of other herbs. • As well as for treating many other diseases • Sexual Health • Diabetes • Stress • Arthritis • Obesity • Alzheimer’s • Genitourinary disorders • Jaundice • Digestive disorders • Epilepsy • Nervous disorders • Anemia • Bronchitis • Hemorrhoids • Kidney Stones • Edema • Asthma • Thyroid Dysfunction • And much more What is Shilajit? “Shila” means “rock”, Shilajit means “rock Bourne or Like rock”, other names “Mineral Pitch, Jew’s Pitch, Mineral Wax, Salajeet, Brag-shun, Shilajita, Moomio, Mumie, Mumijo, Mumiyo”. “Shilajit” contains large numbers of minerals, six amino acids, natural acids, vitamins A, B, C and P (citrines), phospholipids and polyphenol complexes, terpenoids. Trace elements are also present (cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, manganese, chrome, iron, magnesium, and other). There are more ingredients in “Shilajit” for which science still does not know. , until couple of years ago prohibited that export of “Shilajit” , because in , it is treated as national treasure. The colour is dark or chestnut dark, and taste is mildly bitter. The science puts “Shilajit” (Mumiyo) in bio-stimulators of first class. More information is available on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shilajit Shipping: Product will be shipped directly from Caucasian; It will take about (7 to 18 days) to arrive. Product packaging includes: Shilajit packed in plastic locked bag (By this product wastage reduces to 90%) covered up with Aluminium film (to protect it from different type of temperature resistance when shipping abroad).

  • Shilajit is unique mineral rarely discovered in mountain ranges of Caucasian. It is recognized as most powerful yet energetic substance gifted by nature to humans summed up with different minerals and vitamins.
  • Our team personally collects Raw Shilajit ,Harvest it using natural methods, no artificial flavour or chemical is added.
  • Our Shilajit is fresh and was never stored or was never displayed for sale in any shop. Guaranteed to be of best quality.
  • Product will be shipped within 3days of order, It will be shipped directly from Caucasian and will take about (7 to 20 days) to arrive at your door step.
  • Dosage: About a rice grain size with Warm water or milk.