Parent Essential Oils | Organic Omega 3 6 9 (Plant Based) + Turmeric + Flaxseed + Borage + Pumpkin + Coconut Oil | Heart & Immune Health + Soothe Joints | Vegan (No Fish) + Vegetarian (60 Capsules)


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Plant-based oils (parent essential oils) provide optimal support for your heart and joints by helping maintain a non-inflammatory state in the body.

There’s just one small problem. You’re probably not eating all these healthy plants every day. Wellspring to the rescue.

Wellspring provides nourishing oils from borage, flax seed, pumpkin seed and organic coconut oil for heart health. These oils are paired with organic turmeric root and organic ginger root for optimal joint support.

• Our plant-based oils are carefully extracted with minimal processing, retaining more of their naturally-occurring compounds. So much so, they are in powder form (not clear oil).
• We only use Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, sourced from fresh coconut meat, for unrefined oil that is high in lauric acid, supportive of immune health and good (HDL) cholesterol.
• Time, air, heat and light can all cause fish oil to degrade and turn rancid. Wellspring’s plant-based oils are in amber glass bottles, while powerful antioxidants protect against oxidation in the bottle and the body.
• There is NO added egg, artificial colors or preservatives. Nothing artificial and always non-GMO.
• Wellspring is not intended for pregnant women due to turmeric root (curcumin).
• Soothe joint and skin health with borage oil, a rich source of linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA)
• Support healthy cholesterol levels with alpha-linolenic acid from flax seed oil
• Support heart health with phytosterols, linoleic and oleic acids found in pumpkin seed oil
• Support immune health with lauric acid from organic extra virgin coconut oil
• Soothe joints with yellow curcumin in organic turmeric root
• Promote healthy digestion with calming organic ginger root

  • Provides Nourishing Plant based Essentials Fatty Acids – Unlike Highly Refined Unstable Fish Oil, Wellspring is Carefully Formulated with Pure, Organic, Nutrient-Dense Plant Oils
  • Multi-system Support for Optimal Health – Essential fatty acids are the healthy oils shown in studies to support cardiovascular systems, joint health, skin appearance, and brain function.
  • Nothing Fishy – No Fish Oils, No Fishy Burps, No Fishy Smell, No Awful Aftertaste, No Toxins Frequently Found in Fish Oils such as Mercury, Cadmium, Lead & Arsenic
  • Made With Whole Foods – Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, No Pesticides or Toxic Chemicals, NO added Egg, Artificial Colors or Preservatives, No Solvents, Binders, or Fillers, Nothing Artificial
  • Fatty Acids To Help Fight Temporary Inflammation – Wellspring provides nourishing plant-based essential fatty acids, along with joint-soothing organic turmeric root, and calming organic ginger root.