Platinum Pre-, Fruit Punch – 300g by Optimum Nutrition M


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Platinum Pre- Product Details:FINALLY, A PRE-WORKOUT based on science-backed ingredients and superior quality. Platinum PRE- furthers ON’s long history of setting higher standards by redefining a sports nutrition category. Now you can fuel workout performance with Platinum PRE-’s true dosages of real ingredients without anything you might have second thoughts about using every day. Each serving delivers the energy and focus you need to knock down new personal bests.TRAINING PERFORMANCE & ENDURANCE SUPPORTOf course, you also expect ON to provide more, and this Platinum-level pre-workout formula delivers with efficacious dosages of L-Citrulline, Beta-Alanine, Caffeine, ON’s own PhytoBlend, and metabolic and antioxidant support. Make Platinum PRE- your first choice to support gym performance and goal fulfillment.WHAT YOU GET WITH PLATIUNM PRE-MICRONIZED CITRULLINE & PEPFORM CITRULLINE PEPTIDESL-citrulline is a precursor to Nitric Oxide (N.O.) synthesis and may support performance during high-intensity exercise. Each dose in PLATINUM PRE- combines micronized L-citrulline with an exclusive patent-pending peptide delivery system.CARNOSYN BETA-ALANINEBeta-alanine is a key building block for carnosine – a compound that helps neutralize acidic byproducts generated during high-intensity training. Research suggests that daily supplementation increases muscle carnosine levels, supporting harder and longer training sessions.CAPSICUM FRUIT EXTRACTCapsicum from chili peppers provides metabolic support. The capsicum dose in PLATINUM PRE- has been encapsulated so it doesn’t interfere with the refreshing fruit flavor. CAFFEINEAs the subject of numerous studies, caffeine is one of the most well-researched performance supporting compounds. Along with increased energy and alertness, caffeine has been suggested to help sharpen mental focus and reduce the perception of physical effort during exercise.

  • Pre Workout Energy
  • 160mg Caffeine Per Serving
  • 1.6g Alanine per serving
  • Antioxidant