Premium Quality Colloidal Silver 20 ppm Bottle 300ml High pH 9.0


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Optimised Energetics are committed to offering the finest quality Colloidal Silver products with the greatest choice and value anywhere. We use medical grade equipment in our production process which ensures a well regulated and consistent ionic and colloidal solution. This Balm also contains calming Bergamot oil. When you have dry or sensitive skin it can be very beneficial to include a moisturizer in your regimen so please see our Natures Greatest Secret Salves that also contain extra virgin coconut oil.

  • A high quality product absolutely clear solution with nano particles of silver
  • Widest range, quality and value of Colloidal Silver Products available anywhere
  • Enhanced Colloidal Silver in 10ppm, 20ppm and 80% + True Colloidal Silver Amber formulations
  • Made to exacting standards with medical grade equipment
  • This is a natural product and contains only silver and pharmaceutical grade water.