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Benefits of PROSEED GEL?
* better blood supply to penis
* increase of sexual performance
* makes it easy to instantly achieve a strong erection
* faster response to sexual stimuli
* faster regeneration of the body after sex
* stimulating effect (guarana and caffeine)
* improves the condition of the skin and blood circulation (Vit. A, C and E)
* increases the feeling of sexual stimuli
* an extra boost of energy through Guarani and Caffeine – the only such product on the market!
* Gel is the perfect complement to permanent cure Proseed CAPS.

How to use Proseed GEL?
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Turn the pump to open. Apply 2-3 times to the total length of the penis. Wait 10 minutes until liquid is fully absorbed. It’s a good lubricant. It can be used with a condom. Before use, apply a small amount of liquid on the inner side of the forearm. If you are allergic discontinue use.

The safety of Proseed GEL
Proseed SPRAY 150ml is a cosmetic notified to KSIoK (National System of Cosmetics Information), where he received a positive response (RK / 353246/2012). Product dermatologically tested. Like all of the product range, it is manufactured by pharmaceutical GMP (ang. Good Manufacturing Practice), which provides full control over the quality and origin of raw materials. Giving consumers certainty as to the quality of the product.

  • An incredibly effective PROSEED GEL 150ML…that increases erection quickly, naturally and for long!
  • This is an intimate fluid designed for men who, as a result of work overload, age or other external factors have problems with satisfying sexual intercourse.
  • To meet this issues we have developed a special formula made of carefully selected, natural, active ingredients which enable strong and fast erection and a high level of sexual performance and potency
  • Proseed GEL 150ml for men is based on years of experience. Specially selected complex of natural active ingredients provides a high level of male sexual performance and high levels of potency.
  • Exceptional and unique composition of the gel provides instant effect.