Pureclinica 12 Months Acai Berry 4000mg Acai + 3 highly potent clinically proven fat burner. May help burn 11lb fat month


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Acai Berry 4000mg – 12 Months Supply (4 bottles)

Feel superb with the #1 Superfood supplement. Our 4000mg-strength tablets of freeze-dried Acai berry may help improve overall health, fight some of the signs of ageing, and aid in achieving weight loss goals.

4000mg Acai per day

Acai Burn 4000mg is a tablet based health supplement containing 4000mg of Acai Berry extract per tablet along with 200mg of additional fat burning nutrients. 

Burns fat, improves health

This is a fat burner with some additional health benefits.

Acia Berry has been a hugely popular product for a number of years with people raving about the results, ours is the strongest currently available that we know of. 

Proven to burn fat

The 3 additional fat burning ingredients have been shown in numerous clinical studies that they may help reduce weight by up to 15lbs in two months. 

Exceptional Value

12 Months supply and only £59.99 – comes to only £4.99 per month. Further more, this is the strongest Acai Berry supplement made, weighing in at 4000mg per tablet.

  • contains the equivalent of 4000mg of Acai Berry per tablet along with 200mg of additional clinically proven fat burning nutrients
  • Comes in a 12 month supply (4 bottles of 3 months supply each) so exceptional value for money. Only costs £4.99 a month and will last two months
  • Currently the strongest Acai Berry supplement available that we know of
  • 3 additional ingredients form the basis for the popular product Hydroxycut by Muscletech and have been shown in some studies that they may help to help burn fat at up to 15lbs in two months over a placebo
  • ideal supplement for anyone looking for something help them lose weight during a diet