Rolyan Health Fat Burner Supreme – ultra safe all natural herbal thermogenic weight loss diet slimming supplement. 72 capsules


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Fat Burner Supreme is a thermogenic fat metaboliser and herbal weight management supplement, which supports the body’s natural fat burning processes, along with healthy digestion and nutrient intake – shape, cleanse and nourish with just a single supplement!

About the active ingredients:

African mango: helps to shift fat, lower blood fat levels and assist with appetite control.

Green Tea: activates fat burning.

Acai berry: contains anti-oxidants to help boost energy levels.

Capsicum: also known as cayenne, hot pepper, red pepper and chilli pepper, induces thermogenesis, increases energy expenditure and calorie-burning.

Cinnamon: assists in faster calorie burning and uses fat stores for energy.

L-Tyrosine: an amino acid precursor to the thyroid hormone, thyroxine (T4), contributes to an increased metabolic rate.

Guarana: helps reduce hunger and relieve fatigue.

Caffeine anhydrous: offsets hunger, appetite, and boosts energy levels and mental clarity.

Bitter orange peel: aids fat loss and reduces appetite.

Raspberry ketones:help burn body fat.

Siberian ginseng: helps cope with physical and emotional stress and stabilise blood sugar to reduce cravings for sweets.

Kelp: stimulates a sluggish thyroid and encourages a healthy metabolism.

Vitamin B6: for energy production and as a mild diuretic.

Apple cider vinegar: a digestive and internal cleansing aid to create a feeling of fullness.

Black pepper (piperine): increases the actions and effectiveness of the other ingredients.

Chromium picolinate: reduces cravings, excessive hunger and binge eating.

Use in conjunction with a sensible exercise regime and calorie controlled diet.

Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women

  • Turn up the heat on calories with this thermogenic all-in-one safe, natural and effective way to reduce your appetite, blast away fat and ensure healthy digestion and nutrient intake.
  • With raspberry ketones, African mango, cinnamon, capsicum, acai berry, green tea, guarana and more, it offers long-term weight loss to boost your diet and exercise programme.
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly natural supplement, contains no animal ingredients and is not tested on animals
  • 1 or 2 capsules to be taken three times a day, on 6 days a week (up to 4 weeks supply).
  • Made in the United Kingdom under UK GMP standards to ensure the very best, safe and high quality supplements.