Salosan Donut Cushion – Memory Foam Haemorrhoid Aid and Coccyx Relief Cushion made of Visco Foam – grey


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Those who sit a lot, often sit wrong. Finally sit relaxed and comfortable with the Visco – Soft rehab seat ring from Salosan.

Pleasant and pressure free sitting regardless of body weight. To relieve the back muscles, the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

Especially recommended for those who:
– Need to carry out a sedentary activity
– Often have to go on a longer drive
– Suffer from back problems and tensions
– Have lymphatic- or venous disorders
– Sit in a wheelchair
– During pregnancy

Product highlights!
– Filling consists of a dimensionally stable Visco Soft gel foam core
– Machine washable comfort cover with zip
- Thermoregulation, pressure equalization, moisture exchange
– Activates the entire trunk musculature
– Can relieve pelvic floor and the prostate
– Quick aid with moderate to severe seating difficulties
– High resilience whether at home, in the office or on journeys.

2 years of full warranty

Available in 3 different colours:
ASIN: B01E9IXCF8 Beige

  • Pain- and pressure relief in case of disc and back problems, haemorrhoids or after surgeries in the perineum area
  • Suitable with all seats for local pressure relief in the lower body area, also suitable for wheelchairs. Special ergonomic shape. Size: diameter 45cm; height 10 cm
  • Including convenient carrying bag for journeys or during transport
  • Recommended for people who predominantly have to sit – allows a more upright sitting position
  • Dimensionally stable Visco Soft gel by Salosan with comfort cover available in three colours