SCI-MX Nutrition GRS 9-Hour Protein 2.28 kg Chocolate – State-of-the-art multi release protein complex with optimising ingredients


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Sci-MX’s Pure Protein GRS-5 is a blend of whey isolates, whey concentrates, milk solids, egg and soy. This is Sci-MX’s state of the art protein blend. Pure Protein GRS-5 by Sci-MX is d

  • 40g protein per serving
  • 9-Hour Time Release: Milk and soya protein provide sustained amino acid release for up to 9 hours.
  • Multiphase Release: Fast, medium and slow acting proteins for post-workout, between meals, upon waking and before bed.
  • Post-Workout Amino Rush: Rapidly absorbed whey protein and peptide bonded glutamine flood muscles with amino acids.
  • Complete with Vit-MX-Sport(TM): Contains a vitamin and mineral complex designed for people with high muscle work rate.