Second Skin by Calibre Fitness – Kinesiology Tape – Best Scientifically Developed Medical Grade Joint Support with Staying Power – Enhanced Performance and Pain Relief – Manufacturer Guaranteed (Blue)


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Let the Quality of your Fitness and Support Equipment Drive Your Success
Calibre Fitness cares about your Health and Fitness as much as our own and only creates the best quality Sport and Fitness Products.
When creating this product we wanted to ensure that no other product could best its support or staying power. Our unique tight but breathable weave gives the best available support whilst still remaining breathable so that it can be applied for extended periods.

Backed by Research
Research shows that the use of Kinesiology Tape significantly reduces pain in comparison with no treatment, giving:
ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: The Support and pain reducing properties of Kinesiology tape will let you go further for longer. Made popular by the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympics Kinesiology will give you the edge that you have been looking for!
ALTERNATIVE TO TRADITION MEDICINE: Everyone knows that we should be reducing the chemical compounds that we intake on a daily basis. Kinesiology Tape is now being regularly prescribed by Medical Physicians based on its pain relieving properties. Second Skin is your perfect recovery partner.

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APPLICATION: Follow our extensive video archive of application guidelines gathered from the best Kinesiology practitioners from around the world.

What You Receive
5cm x 5m Roll of Second Skin: 1x Roll of Blue Premium Kinesiology Tape (based on your selection)
Each roll give you up to 3 months of usage (based on a 20cm application every 4 days)
Second Skin by Calibre Fitness will be the Best Kinesiology Tape you have ever tried or your Money Back!

  • BEST EVER STAYING POWER: Second Skin’s UNIQUE WEAVE is BREATHABLE yet WATER RESISTANT giving it unparalleled staying power whether swimming or in the shower
  • NATURAL STRETCH: Second Skin has the same bi-directional stretch and elasticity as skin, giving natural movement and enhanced support, 170% STRETCH!
  • LATEX FREE & HYPOELLERGENIC: Second Skin is kind to the skin allowing EXTENDED periods of application without the discomfort of cheaply manufactured competitors
  • FASCIA PROTECTION: Studies have shown that Kinesiology tape can help support many areas of the body including: Knee, Elbow, Ankle, Shoulder, Back, Neck, Chest, Wrist, and Hand. Applicable to all sports including: Running, Swimming, Tennis, Cycling, Boxing, Weight lifting & Crossfit
  • 100% GUARENTEED: All products produced by CALIBRE FITNESS are of the highest quality and are offered with a 100% Money Back Guarantee to all customers. Feel the benefits or it’s FREE!!!