SimplySupplements Super Strength Lecithin 1200mg |2 Bottles, Total 240 Capsules|A great natural way to lose weight and boost your metabolism


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Lecithin is a natural and rich food ingredient and is often used by people watching their weight. Lecithin has a rich and natural source of Choline and Inositol and can be found in numerous foods including fish, grains and egg yolks. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular supplement, particularly with those who do not consume Lecithin-rich foods regularly. Our high strength Lecithin 1200mg is perfect to supplement a healthy lifestyle and diet.

  • May promote healthy liver function
  • Promotes healthy homocysteine levels
  • Believed to help with weight loss
  • Rich in Choline & Inositol
  • Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Approved for complete quality assurance of the highest standard of manufacturing.