Sotya Reishi 90Cap.


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Properties – helps the immune system – antioxidant action – Combat insomnia, anxiety and stress properties: The reishi mushroom is an oriental origin. China has been using since ancient times as a “very healthy food characteristics” and “life energy”. Physically, this is a mushroom-shaped hat, reddish-brown color. Its proven focus on five properties: anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, neuro-muscular, cardiotonic and hepatoprotective action. First, reishi antiallergic action is due to its content of triterpenes, oleic acid (apparently inhibitor of histamine) and polypeptides similar to the immunoglobulin structure. Second, an anti-inflammatory due to beta-glucans, steroids similar effect, but without marked side effects. Third, neuromuscular function is due to its content of adenosine and uridine, the nucleic acid components. Nucleic acids are essential for cell development and function, main problem with degenerative diseases such as muscular weakness, atrophy, miotina, muscular dystrophy. Several studies in China and Japan have shown a beneficial effect on elderly people with these diseases, but always the medium to long term. Fourth, the cardiotonic action due to the sterols and triterpenoids containing, which help to reduce the blood cholesterol level and blood pressure. Finally, the intake of reishi helps to reduce the accumulation of fatty acids in liver transaminases, which helps protect it. Presentation: In packs of 90 vegetable capsules 500mg Directions: Take 2-3 capsules twice daily.