Swanson Blackstrap Molasses with Iron (29mg, 120 Capsules)


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Since the dawn of the natural health movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Blackstrap Molasses has been a popular product, used by many as a natural source of iron. Back then, we developed a fortified, tablet version supplying a specific amount of elemental iron (levels in pure molasses can vary).

Now, due to changes in manufacturing and advancements in encapsulation technologies, we’re replacing this popular product with an improved formula in capsule form, which eliminates the binders and increases the stability and shelf life of the supplement. With 29 mg of all-natural elemental iron from ferrous fumerate and pure blackstrap molasses powder, it’s a great way to get your supplemental iron every day.

  • Capsule form of Blackstrap Molasses
  • With 29 mg of all-natural elemental iron