Earths Design Chitosan offers the highest quality ingredients to help you get results! Chitosan is an exciting new weight loss aid with proven medicinal advantages over most dietary supplements. Not designed to simply increase energy...

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Color:Blue Size:94x 17.5cm (L x W) Package Content: · 1 x Waist Trimmer Exercise Belt Waist trimmer for relieving pain or losing weight.Velcro closure provides easy, adjustable fit for most people (comfortably fits up to size 16, 94x 17.5cm (L x...

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Benefits of the GJELEMENTS' waist trimmer belt GJELEMENTS' waist trimmer belt is designed to amplify the natural phenomenon of sweating by acting as a sauna on the abdominal area. We provide you a high-end product designed to satisfy you and meet...

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Description: It`s so comfortable you can wear it under clothing, great for walking, running, aerobics, and general sports activity. Protects waist muscle and avoid injury and it keeps you slim. Feature: Quite comfortable for daily wear....

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HOW DOES OUR ELECTROTHERAPY DEVICE WORK WITH LEG SUPPORT BRACE? Using bioelectricity technology, the device sends frequency electrical pulses to your legs through the conductive leg support brace. Your leg muscles respond to the impulses by...

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Remove the item from the plastic bag. Detach the adjustable side pulls so they hang loose from the belt. Wrap the belt under your belly and fasten the main Velcro under the belly for the best fit: the belt should stay on the lower back while its...

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Here's just one of the many ways we're committed to your success... You might notice there are other waist trimmer belts out there who claim they are one size fits all. The smaller sized Premium "Just Fitter" belt is designed to easily handle...

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Try Earths Design Plant Sterols Maximum Strength 800mg Tablets! Proven to Lower Cholesterols by up to 20%! Plant sterols have a similar structure to our own cholesterol. As a result they block the absorption of LDL (bad) cholesterol in our...

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The dual bike trainer can be placed any used with any chair, simply position the bike in front of any chair and adjust the angle to suit you then cycle. The bike trainer effectively tones both your arms and legs with dual revolving arms at the...

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TNP Accessories is the ideal training tool for abdominal, arm, leg and back muscles, ensuring better fitness and a greater power potential for your entire body. The Klarfit FIT-KS02 provides adequate training for beginners through to advanced...

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BETA-SITOSTEROL 375mg: PREVENT HAIR LOSS AND LOWER BODY CHOLESTEROL LEVELS Are you losing your hair or experiencing urinary tract problems? Do you have abnormally high cholesterol levels? If so, the Pure Science Supplements Beta-Sitosterol...

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