Tua Trainer


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Tone up, flatten and firm your stomach with the innovative new ab-cruncher containing your own in-built personal trainer!

Don’t have the time for the gym? Still achieve the results!

Maybe you haven’t got the time to hit the gym every day to work on that washboard stomach for your holiday? Don’t panic because there’s a solution! Personal trainers can be expensive and not always practical if you have a busy life so what if we told you that you can have your own personal trainer built in to your innovative Tua Trainer ab cruncher with a number of different training programmes to enjoy right from the comfort of your own home.

Designed for you to meet with the demands of your busy life, the Tua Trainer is an innovative piece of fitness equipment designed to exercise your abdominal muscles, tone them up and flatten your tummy.

An abdominal roller with a twist, the Tua Trainer combines two principles to get you into shape fast! It features a specialist waist belt with a fitted pair of electrodes. The electrodes start operating automatically when the user reaches a certain degree of voluntary contraction – so when you just can’t crunch anymore, the Tua will take you the rest of the way! It’s an ab-belt and cruncher in one!

Getting started with the Tua Trainer

It’s a nice and easy road to your ideal flat stomach! To set up your new abdominal exercise equipment, all you need to do is wet the two small sponges of the electrodes with the handy water bottle provided. Comfortably position them on your abdominals and securely fasten the belt around your waist, your Tua Trainer is now ready for use! Select the impulses you desire on the electric control unit, the intensity and the workout programme you wish to perform and your in-built personal trainer will talk you through the programme.

  • 5 specific training programmes to transform your mid-section
  • Get in shape FAST
  • Your very own, inbuilt personal trainer
  • Electronic ab toner to tone up, flatten and firm your tummy all from your own home!
  • Innovative ab cruncher designed to exercise your core muscles