Twinlab – Bariatric Support DPlus K Dots Tangerine – 60 Micro Tablets


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Twinlab Bariatric Support DPlus K Dots Tangerine Description: Quick Dissolving Helps Facilitate Calcium Absorption Bariatric Support is a comprehensive supplementation program designed by Twinlab to provide high quality nutritional solutions to help address the specific needs of bariatric patients. The goal of bariatric surgery is to limit the body’s supply and absorption of calorie-laden macronutrients. However, this also results in a decreased intake of micronutrients and other essential dietary components including vitamins, minerals and protein that are key to overall good health. These products utilize nutrient-dense convenient delivery forms that are easily digested and absorbed by the body to help meet the unique needs of bariatric patients and support optimum assimilation and utilization of nutrients.

  • Gluten Free – - Yeast Free – Wheat Free