Valupak Vitamins Supplements Calcium & Vitamin D 400mg 30 Tablets


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Calcium is a major mineral that is essential for growth, health and longevity. Combined with vitamin D, calcium is vital in maintaining strong, healthy bones, teeth and nails. It has been found that the correct daily intake of calcium and vitamin D can raise the body’s resistance to cancer, bacteria and viruses, whilst a lack of calcium in the diet can lead to degenerative conditions such as osteoporosis (also known as ‘brittle bone disease’), lower back pain, nervousness, tooth decay and stunted growth. Vitamin D works by increasing the uptake of calcium from the intestine and so helps protect the body against calcium deficiency. The body loses calcium more easily as we grow older and if there is not enough for body functions, calcium will be withdrawn from the skeleton, bones are weakened and can break more easily. Research has shown that the incidence of hip fractures was reduced for elderly people taking calcium and vitamin D3 on a regular basis. These tablets are an easy way to supplement your daily intake and ensure that your body gets all the calcium and vitamin D it needs.



Suitable for vegetarians.